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Get ready to embark on thrilling fishing expeditions with the Reel Yaks 12.5' Rambler Paddle Tandem Double Fishing Kayak. Designed with the avid angler in mind, this kayak offers unparalleled stability, comfort, and versatility, ensuring an unforgettable experience on the water. Whether you're casting your line or simply enjoying a leisurely cruise, the Reel Yaks Rambler is the perfect companion for all your fishing adventures.

Heavy-Duty Carry Handles: Easy Transport and Maneuverability

The Reel Yaks Rambler is built with heavy-duty carry handles located at the front and back, making transportation and maneuvering a breeze. These sturdy handles provide a secure grip, allowing you to easily load and unload the kayak onto your vehicle or carry it to and from the water. No more struggling with awkward lifting or worrying about the kayak slipping from your grasp – these handles ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Forward Cargo Sealer Hatch: Keep Your Gear Dry and Secure

Say goodbye to worries about your gear getting wet or damaged. The Reel Yaks Rambler features a forward cargo sealer hatch with a waterproof bag, providing a safe and dry storage solution for your valuable fishing equipment. Whether you need to stow away tackle boxes, extra clothing, or other essentials, this spacious hatch has you covered. Rest assured that your gear will stay protected from water exposure, ensuring that you're ready for any fishing scenario.

Premium Rod Holders with Quick-Release Functionality: Convenient Access to Your Fishing Gear

When the fish are biting, quick and easy access to your fishing rods is crucial. The Reel Yaks Rambler comes equipped with premium rod holders that feature convenient quick-release functionality. These high-quality rod holders securely hold your fishing rods in place while allowing for swift and smooth retrieval when you need to make a cast. With your rods within arm's reach, you'll never miss a bite or a chance to reel in that trophy fish.

Footrests: Optimal Leverage and Comfort

Paddling can be an intense activity, especially during long fishing sessions. The Reel Yaks Rambler addresses this by providing footrests that offer optimal leverage for powerful strokes and maneuvering. Not only do these footrests enhance your paddling efficiency, but they also provide a comfortable resting spot when you need to take a break from the action. Say goodbye to cramped legs and enjoy a comfortable and ergonomic experience throughout your entire journey.

Large Sealed Cockpit Hatches: Ample Storage Space

Storage is a top priority for any angler, and the Reel Yaks Rambler delivers. The kayak features large sealed cockpit hatches that provide ample storage space for all your precious fishing gear. Whether you need to store tackle boxes, extra clothing, or personal items, these hatches offer enough room to keep everything organized and easily accessible. No more worrying about leaving essentials behind – you can bring everything you need for a successful and enjoyable fishing trip.

Luxury Stadium Seats: Customizable Comfort for Hours on the Water

The Reel Yaks Rambler takes your comfort seriously with its luxury stadium seats. These seats are designed with your relaxation in mind, ensuring that you can spend long hours on the water without feeling fatigued or uncomfortable. The cushioned chairs feature quick-drying breathable fabric, which means you can enjoy a cool and dry seating experience, even on hot summer days. What sets these seats apart is their fully adjustable design. You have the freedom to customize the backrest and rails to meet your exact reclining and height preferences. Whether you prefer an upright position for active fishing or a more laid-back posture for leisurely cruising, these seats provide the flexibility you need. Plus, if you prefer to have an open deck space for certain activities, the seats are easily removable, allowing you to create the setup that suits your needs.

Stowage Bungees: Secure Your Paddles When Fishing

When you're out on the water and focused on reeling in that big catch, the last thing you want to worry about is where to store your paddles. The Reel Yaks Rambler has you covered with convenient stowage bungees. These bungees are strategically placed on the kayak, providing a secure and easily accessible spot to stow your paddles when you're not actively using them for paddling. With the paddles securely held in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that they won't interfere with your fishing activities or get in the way of your movements. This thoughtful feature ensures that you have a clutter-free deck, giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most – catching fish and enjoying the serene beauty of the water.

Kid Seat: A Family-Friendly Fishing Experience

The Reel Yaks Rambler understands the importance of spending quality time with your loved ones on the water. That's why it comes equipped with a dedicated kid seat, allowing you to bring along a small passenger (10 years and above) for a memorable family fishing adventure. The kid seat is strategically positioned between the two main seats, ensuring that your child can be part of the action while remaining safe and comfortable. Now, you can introduce your young ones to the joys of fishing and create lasting memories together. Whether you're teaching them how to cast a line or simply enjoying the tranquility of the water, the Reel Yaks Rambler provides the perfect platform for a family-friendly fishing experience.

Robust Side Handles: Easy Maneuverability and Transport

Maneuvering your kayak in and out of the water shouldn't be a daunting task. The Reel Yaks Rambler features robust side handles that make it easy to maneuver and transport the kayak with confidence. These handles are strategically positioned, allowing you to maintain a stable grip while effortlessly guiding the kayak in the desired direction. Whether you're loading it onto your vehicle, carrying it down to the water's edge, or maneuvering it through tight spaces, these handles ensure that you can do so with ease. With the Reel Yaks Rambler's user-friendly design, you can focus on the excitement of your fishing expedition rather than the logistics of handling your kayak.

Accessory Rails: Customization to Suit Your Needs

The Reel Yaks Rambler understands that every angler has unique preferences when it comes to gear and accessories. That's why it comes equipped with four accessory rails, providing you with ample options to mount additional equipment and customize your setup. Whether you want to attach fishing rod holders, fish finders, GoPros, or other accessories, these rails offer the versatility you need. They allow you to personalize your kayak to suit your fishing style, ensuring that you have everything within reach for a successful and enjoyable day on the water. The accessory rails are strategically placed, allowing for easy installation and adjustment, giving you the freedom to create a fishing setup that matches your specific needs and preferences.

Rear Flush-Mounted Rod Holders: Convenient Storage for Additional Fishing Rods

The Reel Yaks Rambler takes into account the needs of both kayakers on board. It features rear flush-mounted rod holders that provide convenient storage for additional fishing rods. These rod holders keep your rods securely in place, yet easily accessible when you need them. You can store your rods out of the way while paddling, ensuring a clutter-free deck, but have them within arm's reach when the fish are biting. This thoughtful design allows you to switch between fishing techniques or have different setups ready for various fishing conditions, maximizing your chances of landing that prized catch.

Trolling Motor Mounts: Expand Your Fishing Possibilities

For those looking to explore larger bodies of water or cover more ground with less effort, the Reel Yaks Rambler is equipped with trolling motor mounts. These mounts allow you to attach a trolling motor to your kayak, giving you an additional propulsion option. With a trolling motor, you can effortlessly navigate through waterways, control your speed, and focus more on fishing rather than paddling. Whether you want to reach distant fishing spots quickly or simply enjoy a leisurely cruise, the trolling motor mounts provide you with enhanced versatility and freedom on the water.

Large Rear Cargo Area with Security Bungee: Store Gear with Confidence

Storage space is a critical consideration for any angler, and the Reel Yaks Rambler addresses this need with a large rear cargo area. This spacious area is designed to accommodate your fishing essentials, such as tackle boxes, coolers, and other gear. The included security bungee ensures that your gear remains securely in place, even during rough waters or energetic movements. You can bring along all the necessary equipment and supplies for a successful fishing trip without worrying about them shifting or getting damaged. With the ample storage capacity of the Reel Yaks Rambler, you can stay organized and fully prepared for any fishing adventure.

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  • Unmatched Stability: The Reel Yaks Rambler boasts an ultra-stable design, allowing you to fish or cruise with confidence, even in choppy waters. Its double hull glides silently through the water, providing a stable and comfortable platform for all your fishing needs.
  • Customizable Comfort: The luxury stadium seats included with the kayak are fully adjustable, ensuring maximum comfort during your adventures. The cushioned chairs feature quick-drying breathable fabric, allowing you to spend long hours on the water without discomfort. You can easily customize the adjustable backrest and rails to meet your reclining and height preferences, ensuring an ergonomic seating position.
  • Versatile and Spacious: With a 2+1 child capacity, the Reel Yaks Rambler is perfect for fishing with a partner or bringing along a small passenger (>10 years). The added kids' seat between the two main seats allows for a family-friendly fishing experience. The kayak features two forward flush-mounted rod holders and two rear flush-mounted rod holders, giving both kayakers options to store their rods out of the way for paddling, while keeping them easily accessible when it's time to reel in a big catch. Additionally, the kayak boasts lots of accessory rails to mount fishing rod holders, fish finders, GoPros, and other accessories, allowing you to customize your setup to suit your preferences.


  • Relatively Heavy: The Reel Yaks Rambler weighs in at 95 pounds, which may require two people for easy transport, especially over long distances. However, the heavy-duty carry handles at the front and back of the kayak make it easier to maneuver and load onto a vehicle.
  • Limited Color Options: The kayak is available in only two colors, White Blue Camo. While these colors blend well with water environments, some users may prefer a broader range of color options to suit their personal style.
  • Paddles Not Included: It's important to note that paddles are not included with the Reel Yaks Rambler. While this allows you to choose paddles that meet your specific needs, it's an additional cost to consider when purchasing the kayak.

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The Reel Yaks 12.5' Rambler Paddle Tandem Double Fishing Kayak is a reliable and feature-packed vessel that will enhance your fishing experiences. Its durable HDPE construction ensures longevity and resilience to withstand the rigors of frequent fishing trips. The kayak's stability is a standout feature, providing a secure and comfortable platform for casting, reeling, and navigating various water conditions.

Comfort is paramount during long hours on the water, and the Reel Yaks Rambler delivers. The luxury stadium seats are a testament to the kayak's commitment to ensuring your utmost relaxation and support. The quick-drying breathable fabric keeps you comfortable even in hot weather, while the adjustable backrest and rails allow you to find your perfect seating position. Additionally, the seats are easily removable, facilitating convenient transport and storage.

Storage is a key consideration for any angler, and the Reel Yaks Rambler doesn't disappoint. The forward cargo sealer hatch with a waterproof bag provides ample space to store your gear while keeping it safe from water exposure. The large sealed cockpit hatches offer additional storage for essentials such as tackle boxes, extra clothing, and personal items. Moreover, the kayak features robust side handles that make it easy to maneuver and transport, ensuring hassle-free loading and unloading.

The Reel Yaks Rambler caters to the needs of both experienced and novice anglers alike. Its user-friendly design and intuitive features make it accessible to beginners, while its advanced capabilities satisfy the demands of seasoned fishermen. The inclusion of trolling motor mounts opens up new possibilities for those seeking additional propulsion options, allowing you to explore larger bodies of water with ease.

In summary, the Reel Yaks 12.5' Rambler Paddle Tandem Double Fishing Kayak is a top-tier choice for fishing enthusiasts seeking a stable, comfortable, and versatile kayak. Its robust construction, thoughtful design, and ample storage options make it an exceptional companion for all your fishing endeavors. Elevate your angling experience and create lasting memories with the Reel Yaks Rambler. Purchase yours today and unlock a world of endless fishing possibilities.

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